Man, software engineer, writes on transparent screen: server-side scripting language designed for web development – PHP

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Businessman with PHP Development Hologram Concept

Businessman with hologram in the future with futuristic tablet with success words

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PHP Survey

ApPHP Survey is a fully featured web solution allows non-technical users to create online surveys and polls, send them to anyone, administer them, gather results, and view statistics, all managed online after database initialization. There is no restriction in the number of surveys and polls, with a single installation users can add and manage polls unlimited. Do you need a lightweight surveys & poll script with back-end admin panel and auto-installation script? This is exactly what are you looking for! With this script you can provide votes and polls system on your website or send it to your clients. Your visitors select one or more options and click the submit button to vote. Features MVC architecture and OOP programming Easy onli

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PHP Soccer

PHP Soccer is a PHP class that allows you to easily generate soccer formations in your pages. If you have a website about soccer you can finally preview a match and show the possible lineups, review a match and visually represent the formations or talk about your perfect Real Madrid formation and get the opinions of your users. Basic Implementation With the Basic Implementation you will be able to create a generic soccer formation simply by adding the names of the players: //create an object of the PhpSoccer class $juventus = new PhpSoccer; //set the names of the eleven players $juventus->players = array('Buffon', 'Chiellini', 'Ogbonna', 'Bonucci', 'Asamoah', 'Marchisio', 'Pirlo', 'Vidal', 'Lichtsteiner', 'Morata', 'Tevez'); //print

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PHP Trusted Reviews

#1 TrustPilot Clone Script – PHP Trusted Reviews is a platform that collects reviews from customers like you and shows them to the world! PHP Trusted Reviews – Saas makes you money Earn by charging a subscription fee to serious companies – the monthly, 6 months or yearly packages will potentially help you gather a nice income from your website. We have added Stripe & PayPal for your convenience and ability to take either Credit Card payments or PayPal ( or even both for the sake of flexibility ) . Hasslefree reviewing experience The easiness to leave a review will let everyone share their honest feedback regarding any company listed on your trusted platform. SEO Friendly We’ve thought you might ask so our

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API PHP Slotmachine

Description This Slot Machine game contains 5 columns and 3 rows of icons. The win result is calculator by count the number of same icons that display continues from left to right side. This system is operated by the PHP script execute on server and send the result to HTML 5 & JavaScript on browser. This very simple php script is good for begin a large Casino game online system. What include HTML5 files. documentation You can set up your slot machine easily Set Win Amount: Force system display spin result with specific win amount. Set Free Spin: Force system give player n Free Spin change. Simple credit system: Automatic set initial credit for first playing and save credit on server for each play

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PHP Compiler

PHP Compiler PHP Compiler (Compressor, Cruncher, Packer) With this Compiler script you can make your PHP source code even mutch more unreadable for normal people but the skript will still work on your webserver. WHAT’S NEW? Compiler PLUGIN is totaly new build up from scratch! Hand picked — New Features LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? WHAT IS IT? With this NEW Compiler script you can make your PHP source code even mutch more unreadable for normal people but the skript will still work on your webserver. This is very useful when you give a script to someone but you don’t want them to view your php source code.This script is a PHP source-code encoder. It provides anti-theft protection for your scripts and functions by allowing you to encode and

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PHP Form Builder

PHP Form Builder New version 4 Build now Materialize AND Material Bootstrap forms New Material Date/time picker plugin New Very fast and 100% optimized loading with LoadJs New Visual Studio Code extension Easy powerful jQuery plugins integration including jQuery Validator (50$ value) jQuery Fileuploader (12$ value) Save up to 50% with the Extended license   What is PHP Form Builder? PHP Form Builder is a complete library based on a PHP class, which allows you to program any type of form and layout them using simple functions. PHP Form Builder is NOT a d

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PHP Live Chat Pro

Installation & customization services: Live Support Chat. PHP & MySQL based. For any website. No monthly fees. Works with any website – HTML, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart (any website with PHP & MySQL back-end)! Easy installation Departments File sharing Operator initiated talks Map with chatting visitors Full translation support Images & videos in the chat box Widget display blacklist Geolocation Automatic language switch Widget can display in the left/right-bottom corners or inline Performance settings (users & chat refresh rate, maximum number of chatting users) Compatible even with IE9! Works on any PHP 5 & MySQL server Contact form fallback Mobile support (responsive gues

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Food Delivery Flutter + PHP Laravel Admin Panel

- Version: 1.4.1 - Last update: 02/12/2019 - File Included: Full Source code of Flutter App (Android & iOS) with PHP Admin Panel Multi Restaurants Flutter + PHP Laravel Backend Complete solution using flutter framework created by Google is an open-source mobile application development. It is used to develop applications for Android and iOS, as well as being the primary method of creating applications Our solution uses Laravel (PHP Framework for Web Artisans) Laravel is a web application framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the small things. Flutter App Features: Multiple Restaurants or Restaurants directory Management System

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Simple PHP Contact Form

v2.1 released! – Nov. 11th, 2011 Be sure to check out the AJAX version of this contact form – embed the form in any page (including .html) and send messages without reloading the page! Simple PHP Contact Form allows you to easily place a self-contained Contact Page on any PHP page of your website. Live Demo View a demo installation! Features include: Very easy to integrate into any existing PHP page on your website. The form style can be integrated into your existing website Stylesheet. All fields have a validation script so you get the *required info you need. Anti spam, are you human? filter. Only 1 option to configure (your email address) to make the script function. Integrated thank you / success page.

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PHP Live Support Chat

Installation & customization services: Other items: Live Support Chat. PHP & MySQL based. For any website. No monthly fees. Works with any website – static, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart (any website with PHP & MySQL back-end)! Easy installation Compatible even with IE8! Works with any PHP 5 & MySQL website Contact form fallback Mobile support (responsive guest widget) Desktop Notifications Multiple operators and guests chatting Clean and modern look High quality set of avatar images Chat box with high quality emoticons set Initial „welcome” message after guest logs in Operator knows which page the guest is currently visiting! Message views auto-updating their relative delivery time Sound notif

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PHP CRUD Generator

  Comprehensive CRUD Operations documentation PHP CRUD tutorials & videos Including PHP Form Builder What is PHP CRUD Generator? Created with the most trusted web technologies, PHP CRUD Generator is a powerful and intuitive solution to create Bootstrap 4 admin panels. The one-page visual interface gives full access to the database. PHPCG performs an in-depth analysis of your data and stores it: all types of relationships between tables, primary and foreign keys, field types and values, validation, etc. This intelligent analysis is used to preconfigure the options adapted to each element of the administration panel. Validate each of the 3 generator forms to create your Admin Panel content. Bootstrap Admin Panel Builder

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PHP Login & User Management

v4.1.4 Released – Apr 2, 2019 Check out the changelog below for what’s new in this release. Description PHP Login & User Management is the MySQL powered website PHP login script, another high quality script designed and created by Jigowatt exclusively for CodeCanyon. By purchasing and integrating this script into your existing website you can create a private user area where visitors to your website have to be logged in to view page content. It features changeable User Levels via the Control Panel in case your website requires different levels of page security amongst loads of other useful features! Live Demo You can view a demo of both the main installation and admin panel. Login with admin:admin Main FeaturesControl Pan

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PHP LinkText

This script allows your users to create a link out of text that they selected on your site. They can then send that link to their friends, and when it is opened, the page will appear, and the text that the initial user selected will be selected on their friends’ screens. Check out the demo and try it for yourself!

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PHP Social Stream

PHP Social Stream is the best choice for those who are looking for an easy way to combine all of their social networking activities into one single social stream and display on their websites. With this script you can create a stylish fascinating social media feed including multiple social media accounts and pages, and can display them in 6 different layouts including Wall, Grid, Carousel, Timeline, Rotating Feed, Sticky Rotating Feed, Ajax Tabbed Feed & Sticky Ajax Tabbed Feed. You can add as many as public Facebook pages, Twitter accounts or Instagram accounts managed by you or any other publisher. It supports 14 and growing social networks and includes about 28 feed options. Your visitors will be able to share your posts on their soc

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PHP Invoice - PHP Class For Beautiful PDF Invoices

PHP Invoice is a simple object oriented PHP class to generate beautifully designed invoices, quotes or Sale/Purchase orders with just a few lines of code. Brand it with your own logo and theme color, add unlimited items and total rows with automatic paging. You can deliver the PDF output in the user’s browser, save on the server or force a file download. PHP Invoice is fully customizable and can be integrated into any well known CMS like wordpress, CodeIgniter, Laravel or custom CMS’s. Multi-languages support PHP Invoice has built-in translations in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish and Italian (you can easily add your own if needed). Multi-currency support PHP Invoice allows you to add add any currency needed per document. Additio

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PHP Code

Coding animation

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PHP TwitSelect

TwitSelect allows you to easily implement tweeting functionality into your website. With TwitSelect your users can simply select text from your website and click the tweet button. TwitSelect is run using 1 function, which makes it very easy to add to your site without interupting other code. Check out the demo to see it in action!

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PHP CRUD Generator

Do not waste your time to create CRUD Form from scratch! Just use our PHP CRUD Generator! FEATURES PHP CodeIgniter Framework version 3.1.10 AJAX Form CRUD Database using MySQL Server 100% Customization features Clean Code DEMO Demo Application DOCUMENTATION View Documentation PRODUCT LOG #1.0 - (27 May 19) - Initial Release

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PHP Configurator

Hi there! My name is PHP Configurator and I can help you to manage your configuration files into your PHP projects. All your projects have some configurations settings which you can save on database or save under files in format PHP, ini, yaml, xml, etc. You know, the most fast way is using PHP array, but give your customers a PHP array file can be hard to edit. They need FTP program, an editor and know what to change. Without considering that they can wrong edit that files. No worries! Thanks to me, you can just create your PHP array organized into files, and I will create a nice user interface where your customers can easy edit your settings. I work with any PHP array, but I have two basic modes: simple

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Auto PHP Licenser

================================================================= The original, best selling, best rated, and most advanced PHP license manager on CodeCanyon! Don’t buy a replica when you can get the original script at the same price! ================================================================= New! GOD mode to delete everything from user’s machine and invisible server responses for even harder reverse engineering. ================================================================= Software selling made easy. Free e-commerce software Agora Invoicing supports full integration with Auto PHP Licenser out of the box. ================================================================= Try Demo Script – a real-life application protected b

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PHP Encoder & Obfuscator

WHAT’S NEW? For all users of this Script, we have made this great new Compiler PLUGIN it’s totally new build up from scratch! Take a look at this new Feature! PHP Encoder — Encrypt PHP Code PHP Encoder & Obfuscator With this encoder script you can make your PHP source code unreadable for normal people but the skript will still work on your webserver. This is very useful when you give a script to someone but you don’t want them to view your php source code. Secure your PHP scripts Limit your PHP Code to run only on defined domains Add an expiration date to your source Easy to use encoding interface Very well documented and much more… This script is a PHP source-code encoder and obfuscator. It provides anti-theft protection for yo

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Needle - PHP Faceted Search

Needle is a faceted search system build with PHP. All search request perform with ajax so there is no redirecting or refreshing the page, it return the result very quickly. Why Needle? All codes are very simple and nested properly. It’s very easy to modify. All of the search keys are returning form database so no need to add too many search options or checkbox in html just add your products to database and the search panel will update itself. Any kind of website can use this faceted search system. ex: any kind of eCommerce, Hotel Booking, Automobile Showroom etc. Crawl efficiency & SEO performance This can be an enormous challenge for eCommerce sites, which can have hundreds – or even thousands – of pages which are similar versio

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PHP Code

Hello, dear colleagues! Here is a great video for your projects! Project features: FULL HD 2 different clips 10 sec. length Clean, sexy and trendy design

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PHP Search Engine

PHP Dynamic Website Search Tool This search tool is perfect if you want a quick an easy way to search your dynamic websites. Simply upload the search.php file and make a form on your website like below and you’re done! It couldn’t be easier! Update: 6 March 2010 – support for larger websites. Please re-download this file if you have purchased it prior to this date. Update: 8 March 2010 – I have created an additional online demo tool which will allow you to test this on your website before buying. Click here to try the php search engine on your website <form action="search.php" method="GET"> <input type="text" name="search"> <input type="submit" name="go" value="Search Website"> </form> Features incl

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QuickDate - The Ultimate PHP Dating Platform

QuickDate is a dating social script, QuickDate is the best way to start your own dating website! QuickDate is fast, secured, and it will be regularly updated. Do you have any questions? please read our FAQs. Check out the complete Android native applications for QuickDate. QuickDate is updated to v1.3.2 Check out the Demo User Features (Demo) Upload Images: Upload any image from your device and share it online with other users High Performance & Capability: QuickDate can handle any amount of vidoes / images easily, with a very high performance and speed. WoWonder Integration: With one click, user can login to your site using WoWonder Social Network. Like: User can like users in find matc

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PHP Social Dashboard

Important: Please consider that, getting Social API’s App Permission Approval for Social Dashboard installed on your website is not our responsibility. We only provide support for the script and what is in our control. For more information please, check the Social APIs Requirements section. Important: Please, check all the available features, supported networks, feed options, Social APIs Restrictions and live demos before purchase. Note: You can use this PHP application as is but, in fact this is a startup based PHP application for developers to drop in their larger application and use or extend it for their own purpose. PHP Social Dashboard is a social media management platform that individuals or companies can use to coordinate a social

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Advanced PHP Store Locator

This Advanced Store Locator is based on the Google Maps API and is using an Engine enabling to Calculate Distances and to display the Closest Stores. It enables users to views your stores on a Google Map, view a Google Street image of a specific location, search by address, load the closest stores to a current location, get the directions etc… This store locator can easily be used with other products and sharing the same database, including our Mobile Store Locator and the WordPress Store Locator Plugin This application also comes with a fully featured back-end interface where you can add/edit/delete all your stores information and manage your categories. Features - Google Maps v3 - AJAX powered pagination - Search stores by addr

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PHP Mobile phone detection

With this class you can easely detect mobile devices. This class is very easy to use and support lots of mobile devices, even the new Mac iPad. Supported devices Android Blackberry iPhone iPod iPad Opera mini devices Palm OS Windows Mobile Generic devices like PSP, PDA, wap phones, .... Updates 1.7 28/06/2011 Fixed iPhone 4 problem Added some extra detections for generic devices Added HTC HD2 detection 1.6 10/03/2011 Fixed property not found bug 1.5 18/11/2010 Fixed problem with Palm detection 1.4 27/09/2010 Fixed Safari 4.1 detect as mobile 1.3 02/05/2010 Fixed iPad detection 1.2 17/04/2010 Support for Windows Mobile 6.5

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