Businessman with CSS Development Hologram Concept

Businessman with hologram in the future with futuristic tablet with success words

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Web Packet 1 - Css Buttons

- There are 26 buttons total. - Features – Normal Background Color – Gradient – Outline – Border Radius – Block Level – Disabled – Sizes (xsmall, small, large, xlarge) – Icons (fontawesome) – Badge – Social Buttons – Buttons Group – Animations

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AnnoBar - CSS Announcement Bar Plugin

AnnoBar is a pure HTML-CSS based Announcement Bar Plugin. its build with HTML5, CSS3 and SCSS. It is fully responsive and highly customizable. you easily use pre-made layouts. you also can made your custom layouts with AnnoBar-elements. It is very easy to import in your template. this is suitable for any type of website Template or landing page. It is not wordpress plugin. Main Features Fully Responsive Well Documented One Click Copy Code Unlimited Color Option FadeOut & SLideUp Close Option **SCSS file included Cross Browser Supports Free Google Fonts LineIcons Icon Font Files Included HTML CSS SCSS JS NOTE: All images are just used for Preview Purpose Only. They are not part of

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CSS Buttons

File Description CSS Buttons by Pixel Nourish is a simple to use and easy to implement CSS file, which requires zero images to make, and degrades nicely for older browsers. It has a huge amount of style choices and opportunities, which is as simple as adding a few small, independant styles. Key Features: Degrades gracefully for older browsers/older browser versions Quick and easy to implement into your website No images required to make Add 16×16 icons to bring the buttons to life and grab your user’s attention What you will get Fully commented and extremely organised CSS file A multitude of choices and styles to create your buttons Example screenshots of how the following browsers render

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The Room - Pure CSS 3D Slider

The Room – pure CSS / HTML image slider with 3D animation. Is a real simulation of an art gallery, so move your website to a new dimension. each image with own description will rotate in this gallery which we called a room, the gallery is fully responsive and fluid web design, fully customizable preprocessor LESS / SASS file with variables and mixin, set your width, height, colors and shadows of walls two ways of navigation: arrows and indicators you can zoom in using button – this interaction will enlarge the image, that all works only with HTML and CSS, no need JS at all, this technology is pure magic, Try it live

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12 Pure CSS Animation Set

This is a set of 12 loading animation made in pure CSS (no javascript, no images). Created based only on single <div> element. Easy to use, easy to customize, easy to change color and size. Example HTML:    <div class=”FiveDots”></div> CSS:   div.FiveDots{   —sizeA: 12px; <= Size of bigger dot   —sizeB: 5px;   <= Size of small dots   —color: gold;  <= Color of element   —speed: 1.5s;  <= Duration of animation   —scale: 1;     <= Here you can easy resize element. —scale: 2 means double size —scale: 0.5 means half size

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CSS Revolution

Are you ready for Revolution? «CSS Revolution» is an innovative flash-feeling template for your corporate site, blog, lifestream, product presentation or even administration panel. Features (With some boring technical overdrive Zooming, Flying, Drag&Drop facilities Pure CSS & JScript template (working 100% without Flash) CSS–based tableless lightweight layout Simple & Semantic XHTML code Simple & Flexible customization (there is fully automated built-in layout constructor) XHTML 1.0 Strict valid jQuery powered (speedup by Google CDN) Compatible with all modern web browsers (IE6, IE7, Safari, Firefox3, Opera, Google Chrome) Nice web typography Clean and elegant style Package Also Includes: Source .PSD fil

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CSS Minify

CSS.Minify is a super-simple, lightweight script that minifies and compresses CSS code to boost website performance.

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The CSS of the Future

Envato Tuts+ Courses Video courses taught by expert instructors. Learn new skills from start to finish. Downloadable Source Files also available on GitHub. Course Description CSS is constantly evolving. In this course, Craig Campbell will walk you through some of the bleeding edge features of CSS to help you remain current and ahead of the field. Some of the features covered may well become mainstream in the near future, while others will likely fade into obscurity. Either way, understanding which CSS selectors, layout modules and filters are being considered for the future will make you a stronger front-end developer What You’ll Learn How to use level 4 selectors such as the negation pseudo-class, the :has pseudo-class, and how to co

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Responsive HTML5 CSS Grid

Welcome to the highest rated Responsive HTML5 CSS grid, on CodeCanyon. CSS Grid is a simple responsive css grid system from 1 to 8 columns which uses CSS, HTML and Javascript for the Header and Navigation. View the demo on CSS Grid or read instructions on how to use it. Why is this different to other CSS grids? There are many grids out there already, but after working on several responsive websites, I found most of them to be quite complex for beginners, so I developed this simple solution where developers at all levels would be able to use it. Features: 1 to 8 columns Fixed or Percentage Columns Column variations Use fluid columns or add margins Stack columns on mobile 4 Header Options – Static, Fixed, Sticky or Reveal 3 Navigation Opti

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YellowPencil - Visual CSS Design Editor

YellowPencil – Visual CSS Editor Version 7.2.6 is out! – The last update was released on 18 October 2019 YellowPencil is a WordPress CSS style editor plugin that allows you to customize your website design in real-time. The plugin allows you to customize any page and theme without coding. Click on an element and start visual editing. Adjust colors, fonts, sizes, positions and a lot more. Take full control over your website’s design with more than 60 styles properties. Visual CSS Editor YellowPencil provides everything that you need for customizing your site design. The plugin comes with advanced features like visual resizing, drag & drop, measuring tool as well as a ton resource that backgrou

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CSS Contact Form

Complex template of HTML/CSS contact form. Available in 4 cool styles with many additional options. Pure CSS, no images 4 different styles Clear HTML structure Custom CSS3 notification boxes Custom CSS3 tooltips hover, active, focus states Note: Please remember that IE doesn’t support some CSS3 attributes.

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CSS style switcher

Features perfect for CSS switching on WordPress – simple and secure absolutely no PHP editing needed! 5 seconds, 3 step setup (see below) created for designers support for multiple CSS files in single HTML ideal for showcasing your work with multiple color schemes faster than JS based switching unlike JS based switching not prone to bugs; doesn’t interfeer with other JS code extensive user-friendly documentation and examples 5 seconds, 3 step setup Copy switcher.php to your CSS folder Replace the CSS include statement with the new one: <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”css/switcher.php?default=mystyle.css” type=”text/css” /> Create some links for style switching: <a href=”css/switcher.php?style=new-style.css”>switch it</a&gt

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CSS Pagination Pack

Spice up your pages with these fresh lookin’ pagination menus. No images used, only CSS! 7 predefined colors are provided with hover and active states! These styles have been tested to work in all major browsers. Documentation for using the file is also included. How to Use: The following code is for creating a blue pagination style like in the demo. <div class="pagination blue"> <a href="#">« First</a> <a href="#">« Prev</a> <a class="number" href="#">1</a> <a class="number" href="#">2</a> <span class="dots">...</span> <a class="number" href="#">5</a> <a class="number current" href="#">6</a> <a class="number" href="#">7</a>

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Sketch and CSS: Bridging the Gap

Envato Tuts+ Courses Video courses taught by expert instructors. Learn new skills from start to finish. Downloadable Source Files also available on GitHub. Course Description In this short course you’ll learn about a CSS plugin for Sketch, called CSSketch. This plugin allows you to write CSS which directly affects the elements in your Sketch document. We’ll take a look at how it works and how you can take advantage of it. We’ll also discuss the implications of using such technologies and how they might help us bridge the gap between designers and developers. This is part of our new series of Coffee Break Courses, designed to teach a new skill or concept in a single sitting. By the end, you’ll understand how to use CSSketch to integrate

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CSS Download Buttons

Set of 6 animated web download buttons created with CSS. To set them up only one css file is needed. Pure CSS, no javascript No images (except icons) Over 120 color combinations Set of custom icons inclouded Easy to set up, very flexible Note: Please remember that only webkit browsers fully support CSS3 transitions and IE still doesn’t support CSS gradients.

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Automatic CSS Tooltip for WordPress

This plugin lets you add great looking tooltips to words or key-phrases of your choice throughout your website. Just create one tooltip and it will automatically display for the chosen word or key-phrase throughout your entire website. Choose between 30 color schemes. All based on CSS without any images. You can choose which sections of the website you want to show the tooltips as well as choose the specific templates it should show on. If there are certain tags you would like to exclude you can simply add them and the tooltip will not be rendered if the text is inside the tags you add. If you have our Pages by User Role for WordPress plugin you can also choose which user roles that will be able to see the tooltip. Let’s say you

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CSS Borders

Stylish borders can use in their work. The package contains 33 style that looks perfect on different devices.

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CSS Navigation Menu

Easy to set up, stylish navigation menu with full width dropdown. To set them up only one css file is needed. Pure CSS, no javascript No images needed Available in 8 colors Left, right or center alignment Based of 960 grid system Easy to set up, very flexible Note: Please remember that IE doesn’t support some CSS3 attributes.

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CSS Dashboard Vertical Navigation

Vertical dropdown menu powered by purely by CSS perfect for your admin dashboard design, or more as you can replace the logo and navigation items to fit it into almost any website design. All navigation name are editable as well as the logo and the menu allows you to include a 1 level sub navigation also. This product comes with the choice if 6 different colours and is very simple and easy to implement. Remember to subscribe to my mailing list for new releases and updates to items! Looking to style up your Wordpress dashboard?

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CSS Web Boxes

Set of 6 stylish web box created with CSS. To set them up only one css file is needed, no images. Pure CSS, no images 6 different boxes Easy to set up Very flexible Note: Please remember that older browsers, IE and Opera don’t support some CSS3 attributes.

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CSS Notification Boxes

Set of 11 notification boxes created with CSS. To set them up only one css file is needed. Pure CSS No images (except icons) 11 different boxes Very easy to set up, change the color and icon of the box with one class! Note: Please remember that IE doesn’t support some CSS3 attributes.

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HTML CSS Product Listing Template

If you are looking for a style to show your products on your website then this will be a great option. An HTML and CSS template show products in grid and list modes, also including 5 different styles. Including full product information, and smooth effects will definitely make an impression for your customers and thereby increase your revenue. It is easy to integrate into your website, if there are any questions do not hesitate to contact me. Version: 1.0 – Last updated: 2019, Sep 23 Browsers: IE8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome

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HTML CSS Our Team Template

HTML CSS Our Team Template will help you introduce your team members to users of your site, it very useful to website design and inspiration for web interface. There 5 unique styles, you can chose any one and integrate your website or template, each team have unique design and unique animation. Increase trustworthiness of your company, showing its real faces! Very easy to edit, if there are any questions do not hesitate to contact me. Features 100% Responsive Design. 5 Unique Styles. Light, Dark and Carousel. Bootstrap Grid Framework. Many Animation Effect. Clean Design and Code. Easy To Customize.

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Dropdown Menus (CSS)

“Dropdown Menus” are a set of some commonly used menus which can be a good substitute to JavaScript based menus. These menus use CSS3 techniques for modern browsers and degrade nicely for old browsers that support CSS 2.1 properly.

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Montreal - News Card CSS Library

Introducing Montreal, a mini CSS library allowing you to quickly and easily create stylish news cards. Packed with a host of styling classes and custom properties, Montreal allows you extended control in crafting stylish news cards for your website. Simply load the CSS library into your project, add the element markup combined with the style classes of your choice to custom build your perfect news card. Features 4 alternative layouts 4 alternative hover styles 8 definable custom properties Animated hover effect Fully responsive across all devices Easily customized to your own perfect taste

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CSS Backgrounds

Your attention is a collection of CSS backgrounds. Selection is made up of 51 different styles. All of these styles are created on pure CSS.

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Sado CSS Hover Pack

Sado is a collection of 23 hover effects made purely with CSS. It’s fully costomizable, easy to edit and completely organized. All effects are available in a main CSS file. The minified version of this file is also made available. If you are CSS Preprocessor lover, the SCSS file is also added to the download package. You only need to add the CSS file to your project, set up you HTML markup and enjoy the effects! The effects are supported by all modern browsers. Files Included: sado.css sado.min.css sado.scss Font: Roboto Note: Images used in preview are just for demonstration purposes and may not include in the downloaded package!

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ZoomTimeline - CSS Timeline Pack

Ultimate Timeline Intro – top Looking for a company timeline ? A shipping log ? Shipping history ? Personal History ? A cool timeline slider ? This plugin has it all. No matter the needs for a timeline, the six modes included cover all the timeline needs. WordPress Version Link to Full version Awesome for – company timeline, time line, history, company history, shipping history, parcel track display, timeline slider. ZoomTimeline Features HTML5 technology - zoomtimeline uses the latest html5 tehniques ( like Histroy API ) to deliver a never seen before experience to your clients fully responsive – looks great from mobile to HD five modes – full skins to fi

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Vertical CSS Navigation Bar

This is a vertical, tab-like navigation bar with a flexible width. It is easily customizable and was designed and coded with usability in mind. CSS animations are used in a clever way. The navigation items are fixed, which means they stay at their place when you scroll down the site. When there are too many pages the navigation becomes scrollable. After clicking an element, it will show a loading indicator in webkit browsers. Changelog v1.1 Fixed an IE bug v1.2 Fixed a bug preventing the stylesheet from loading in older browsers

$ 2.00