JavaScript Fundamentals

Envato Tuts+ Courses Video courses taught by expert instructors. Learn new skills from start to finish. Downloadable Source Files also available on GitHub. Course Description So you want to learn JavaScript? In this Envato Tuts+ course we’ll start at the very beginning and cover everything about the language that a beginner needs to know. Maybe you’ve never programmed anything before, or maybe you’re coming to JavaScript from another language. Whatever your situation, we’ll go through everything you need to get up and running with one of the most popular and dynamic languages in use today. As you follow along with almost six hours of content you’ll learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, from variables, data types, operators, functions,

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Custom JavaScript module for Perfex

Note: This is a module for Perfex CRM. Not a standalone script. Perfex CRM that can be purchased here Brief description Custom JavaScript for Perfex CRM, is a module that allows you to integrate your custom JavaScript code, onto your Customers Area and/or Administration area of Perfex CRM. Demo Since each code/needs are unique, we are not able to provide any specific demo. Compatibility Our module is 100% any JavaScript code, but you may ensure that you code is not conflicting with Perfex’s core code. DocumentationIt takes only a couple minutes to be installed and activated. Documentation is included. If you have any questions, feel free to raise a support ticket at our support area.Guys from support department will get back to you as

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PDF Viewer - Javascript Plugin

Wordpress plugin with same features available here About this Plugin PDF Viewer is a responsive Javascript plugin for embedding PDF files on a webpage. It is coded in pure Javascript, and does not require jQuery to work. So you can use this in AngularJS or ReactJS applications also. You can get analytics data like whether user has seen all pages of the PDF. You can also send this data to Google Analytics. Features Embed a PDF document in a HTML element Embed multiple PDFs in the same page Allow the PDF to be seen only in the website. On download, PDF will ask for a password. Responsive design – will adjust accordingly on mobiles, desktops, tablets Embed multiple PDF documents in a single page “Previous” & “Next” buttons to move to

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Object Oriented JavaScript

A Comprehensive Object Oriented JavaScript Tutorial Ever wondered how you can write JavaScript with object oriented principles? Had a hard time understanding prototypes when working with constructor functions? Tried to write JavaScript that would do your laundry? This tutorial is here to help you answer all those questions, and more (actually, you’re on your own for the laundry). With both a written tutorial and ~3 hours of screencasts (1280×800 HD), this tutorial covers the following topics: Introducing to OOP Getting Acquainted with JavaScript objects Understanding context and binding Working with creation and inheritance patterns Module Pattern Prototypal Pattern Classical Patterns (With Base.js and Mootools) Revised Prototypa

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JavaScript Animated Counter

Simple, animated JavaScript counter, which will allow You to present rapidly increased or decreased values, such as number of registered users, total income etc. But that’s not all… this counter can be also used as a text or date & time displayer or as a clock. It can be also used as a countdown, to show time left for the beginning of a product release campaign or a sale start. Features Counter is fully-customizable. Counter can be also used as an any text, date, time or any symbol displayer. Animated, smoothed scroll in 3 different style: fixed time, fixed speed and slot machine. 3 scroll directions, upwards, downwards and mixed You can prefix or postfix counter with any currency sign Decimal values can be shown with decimal sepa

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PHP Javascript Obfuscator

Obfuscate, scramble, minimize, domain lock, set an expiration date and encrypt your JavaScript code to protect it against theft! This safe JavaScript anti-theft protection allows you to deliver live obfuscated encrypted JavaScript code by online processing the original source code directly on the server side, so no offline processing is needed. Just copy your original JavaScript source code to the server, and deliver it to the browser through the WiseLoop PHP Javascript Obfuscator and you will be protected against theft. Other WiseLoop top software products: Usage Example Classical (unprotected) JavaScript integration: <script src="the-path/the-directory/the-subdir/my-js-code.js" type="text/javascript"></script> Protected

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JavaScript Bandwidth Tester

WiseLoop JavaScript Bandwidth Tester is a jQuery plugin that allows you to do a network speed test against your internet server. The script is server platform independent and can check many server types (like Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, IIS, nginx, Oracle HTTP, jetty etc.) as long as the server supports POST and GET commands. No PHP, Java, ASP or other server-side scripting needed! This is a pure JavaScript broadband tester run by the web browser. Based on the download speed, this jQuery plugin can also compute a reference internet cost that the user should pay for. The graphical user interface has localization support and its design is highly customizable by using CSS themes and plugin options. Other WiseLoop top software products: Main

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Writing Modular JavaScript

When writing an entire web application in JavaScript, it’s very important to have well-organized code; maintaining a spaghetti-coded project will only cause you headaches and nightmares. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to modularize your code to make it easier to manage large JavaScript projects. I was inspired to write this tutorial after watching a presentation entitled “Scalable JavaScript Application Architecture” by Nicolas C. Zakas (available on the YUI Theater). We’ll take the theoretical code that he showed in his slides and extend and customize it to create a robust JavaScript system that will make it incredibly easy to build web apps on top of. We’ll start by defining our modules; then, we’ll build a sandbox for them

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Javascript Premium Weather Widget

WiseLoop JavaScript Premium Weather Widget is an AngularJS based weather condition and forecast script. Its flexibility and easiness makes it perfect for displaying local or searched weather information in websites, blogs, portals, web and mobile apps. It features GEO location, address search, animations, theme support with really nice included themes that are responsive and compatible with mobile devices. Other WiseLoop top software products: Main Features HTML5 Geo Location with fallback to Telize GeoIP location; location search – get weather for anything: country, city, zone, area, zipcode, company name, address, street etc. up to 7 days forecast data; temperature, wind and pressure measure units: Celsius/Fahrenheit, kmph/mph, mBar

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JavaScript Network Speed Tester

WiseLoop JavaScript Network Speed Tester is an AngularJS module designed to offer a network bandwidth check against your internet server. No PHP , Java, ASP or other server-side scripting needed! This is a pure JavaScript broadband tester run by the web browser. Many server types are supported such as Apache HTTP, IIS, Node.js, nginx, Tomcat, Oracle HTTP, jetty and based on the download speed, it can also offer an estimation of internet cost that the user should pay for. Other WiseLoop top software products: Main Features ping time measurement; download speed test; upload speed test; optional comparison charts; estimation of internet costs; multiple server type support (Apache HTTP, Apache Tomcat, IIS, nginx, Oracle HTTP, jetty, node

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Pieces - Javascript Image Effects

Pieces – Amazing Image Effects Pieces allows you to split an image into tiles and animate them with amazing effects. It comes with 300 ready-to-use animations and with a tool that let you create your animation packs. You can use it both with javascript and html markup. With Pieces you can control tiles dimension, speed, stagger, so on. And it?s responsive and SEO friendly. Pieces takes advantage of TweenMax and the flexibility of jQuery. Features 300 ready-to-use animations tool for creating animation packs responsive SEO friendly it can be used also without javascript full compatibility with all the latest browsers fallback for older browsers 300 ready-to-use animations Pieces comes with 300 ready-to-use ani

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JavaScript Fireworks Animation

Features Create realistic fireworks of any color Visually-rich animation with just one line of code Easy to use (just basic html knowdlege required) Well documented (instructions file, example, comments on code) 10 KB JavaScript library (+19 KB for optional explosion sound) Doesn’t require jQuery or any other library Smooth animation that works over any html element Notes The html elements behind the fireworks will not respond to the clicks of the mouse until the animation ends The optional explosion sound isn’t audible on mobile devices

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Smooth MouseWheel for Javascript

This is the Javascript version. Are you looking for the WordPress Plugin version? MouseWheel Movements Do Not Need to Be Jumpy We want all our websites to be amazing, that’s why we just love adding nifty effects in our sites like: large images, parallax backgrounds, fancy entrance animations, and many more. However, these effects can sometimes be made less awesome because when your visitors scroll down using their mouse wheel, the screen just jumps down. This is especially harmful to parallax effects, since a jumpy scroll would make the parallax unnoticeable. This script will make your site cool again by making the scroll movement of the mouse wheel smooth.. Just include the script, and smooth scrolling will be

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Getting Good with JavaScript

Includes source files plus over 6 hours of screencasts! JavaScript has become one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. This book will get acquainted with what JavaScript; what it is, where it came from, and most importantly – how to code it! Ever wanted to liven up a web design with Javascript but not known where to start? In Getting Good with JavaScript author Andrew Burgess breaks down programming in JavaScript into easy, straight-fowrad terms and exercizes. It’s hard to find a place where JavaScript won’t run, and though the overwhelming majority of JavaScript—especially the JavaScript you’ll be writing in this book—will be in web pages, JavaScript is used not only in web browsers, but also desktop a

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Custom JavaScript & CSS in Pages!

The Custom JavaScript & CSS in Pages! plugin allows you to add CSS, Javascript code directly in any post, page or custom post! Note: The plugin, like WordPress, requires a minimum 5.5 PHP version. LIVE DEMO user: demo pass: demo How to automatically update the plugin To receive automatic updates just install and configure the Envato updater plugin: httpss:// .The official guide that explains how to configure it can be found in the following link: httpss:// . How it works The plugin allows you to embed CSS and Javascript code into any page (or just in the selected ones). It can be done through the Global code feature or directly by editing the page/pos

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Miniature Earth | 3D Globe for JavaScript

FEATURES Easily place 3D markers and sprites at any location. Add path lines between two or more locations. Pin custom HTML overlays to your earth. Only one file to load, No Dependencies, Asynchronous Loading Cross-browser compatible, Responsive, Touch Enabled, Works in WebViews Powerful API, Fully customizable, Ready to use code examples Based on WebGL/THREE.js, Hardware Accelerated Detailed SVG map, Set your own style Built-in event and animation system FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE Use own 3D meshes for markers Use map textures and custom SVG maps Draw on the earth surface with Canvas2D Use the extensive API for very custom applications Utility functions for fast and easy development The

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Javascript Network Speed Tester

Javascript Network Speed Tester is PHP based script to offer a network bandwidth check against your internet server. No database or long configuration required. Documentation included. Script calculates download speed from server, which is script installed on. Demo is located in middle EU (Czech republic), so results can be different for each user. Upload and ping server can be manually set in config. Features Download speed test Upload speed test Ping time measurement Cross browser support Multiple server support Powered by Bootstrap Google charts – Gauge chart Get IP and calculate downloading CD/DVD with recorded speed. Added cookie agreement responsive design Language translations: Italy, Spanish, German, Russian, French (you can eas

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Holy Carousel | JavaScript Slideshow Plugin

Holy Carousel | JavaScript Slideshow Plugin is a modern javascript slider/slideshow plugin coded in pure JavaScript. A 8KB JS file and a 14KB minified CSS file make the plugin super lightweight. The effects and transitions are at the same time very simple and modern. Files Included: holycarousel.css holycarousel.min.css holycarousel.scss holycarousel.js Credit: Unsplash (for images used in the demo) Remix Icon Note: Images used in demo may not include in the download package

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AA-Scroller Slider - Javascript

Presentation Hello guys, Here’s our newest script Scroller Slider , AA-Team way! It’s modern, trendy and very simple to use. Inovative design, smart coding & lots of passion! Compatibility Compatible in all major browsers Iphone/Ipad too! Features This script is very simple to use, and integrate as well. Now, let’s see what are the main features. Universal! You can use it on any website! Smart navigation and image pre-loading. Keyboard navigation using Right/Left buttons Mousewheel navigation

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StoryView - Javascript Story Viewer

About StoryView Story View is a Javascript Plugin that makes it fancy story views like Instagram or another social media story views. Story View offers smooth transitions and rich media support. You can easily implement many story views on your web page. It is also compitable with mobile and touch interfaces. StoryView Key Features – Sweet Transitions – Image and Video Support – Lazy Loading – Touch Ready – Style files created with SCSS – Offers Gulp development environment – Easy theme support – Easily Use /> – Clean HTML Markup Icon Resource: Flaticon and Icons8 Image Resource: and unsplash Note: All images are just used for preview purpose only and NOT included in the final purchase files.

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3D Pie Chart with JavaScript

Cool 3D Pie Chart developed in JavaScript/SVG/VML alternative. You dont requiere knowledge in JavaScript or SVG/VML. You can change: Position, width, height, radius X and Y, and depth of the pie The optional legends attributes The optional tooltip background and text-size The titles You can add more items This requiere Jquery v 1.3.1+ and Raphael 2.1.1+ I tested it in Firefox 12, Chrome 19, Safari 5, Opera 11 and IE 9.0 and compatibility view for v.7 and v.8. also in Iphone and Android. Animated Flash Charts

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A JavaScript Notification Service

A JavaScript plugin to display notifications in your application. The Notification Service provides a global notify() function that is accessible from everywhere in your JavaScript application. A notification consists of a title and a message. You can choose between four different types of notifications: success, warning, error, and info. Each type has a different style. Let the notifications appear in any corner of the screen or on the top-center or bottom-center. The Notification Service includes a JavaScript file and a CSS file. Furthermore, an HTML file is included that provides you with information about the setup and usage. Please note that the HTML and CSS files of the preview website are not included. Main Features:

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Javascript Huge Vertical Menu

NEW! Javascript HUGE vertical menu with custom colors & effect 4 Color palettes avaliable Custom HUGE , medium & small icons FEATURES Select how many items per row Select menu opening speed – fast / slow / medium Select opening effect – show / fade / slide Select opening direction – left / right Enjoy using it!

$ 6.00


Ultimate JavaScript Counter

Ultimate JavaScript Counter This is the animated counter based on JavaScript that displays the text, date, time, symbols or mixed mode as the counter view animation. You may use different colors, fonts, sizes, gradient backgrounds and 30+ visual effects to get your counter more awesome to view on your website or landing pages. The Visual Builder tool features include about 20 options to customize but it also can be used in a simple configuration. The Ultimate JavaScript Counter is well documented, customizable and easy to understand how it works to make your own changes to the code. Also this plugin uses Google fonts to show the animated text or digits or symbols in the panels of the counter, there is no change in the quality of displayed

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Particler JavaScript Plugin v2.0

Particler JavaScript Plugin Particler is a pure javascript plugin which creates a canvas-particles based on your image. You can easy set up behavior of particles and make awesome stuff. Features: No dependencies — pure javascript; Simple usage; Easy customisation; >20 options to set up particles behavior; Small size — only 7kb minified, 3kb gzipped; Good documentation and examples; 5 built-in particle shapes. Updates v1.1 — 10.02.2017 Hover particles effect: particles will be “exploded” when cursor is moving over the canvas; Some options to set up hover exploding effect: explode radius, maximum particle displacement and maximum delta of circular motion radius of particle. v2.0 — 30.08.20

$ 10.00


FVW Slider | JavaScript Slideshow Plugin

FVW Slider | JavaScript Slideshow Plugin is a creative and modern javascript slider/slideshow plugin with awesome transitions and effects. A 8KB JS file and a 14KB minified CSS file make the plugin super lightweight. The effects are at the same time very simple and modern. Files Included: fvwslider.css fvwslider.min.css fvwslider.scss fvwslider.js Credit: Unsplash (for images used in the demo) Remix Icon Note: Images used in demo may not include in the download package

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Businessman with JavaScript Development Hologram Concept

Businessman with hologram in the future with futuristic tablet with success words

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JavaScript HINT popup

JavaScript HINT popup – fast and simple hint popup with: pointer direction selection, screen position detection, skin customization possibility, optimized for fast loading. Documentation included DEMO

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Javascript Huge Horizontal Menu

NEW! Javascript HUGE Horizontal menu with custom colors & effects 4 Color palettes avaliable Custom HUGE , medium & small icons FEATURES Select how many items per row Select menu opening speed – fast / slow / medium Select opening effect – show / fade / slide Select opening direction – top/ bottom Enjoy using it!

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Javascript Computer Codes

Looped animation of java script code lines

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